Microfiction: Akrura's Message

1. The messenger approached the young god with obvious uncertainty.  Krishna was unsure of this man's intentions.  He handed Krishna the letter saying, "Heed my warning."

2. His destiny awaiting, Krishna traveled on. 

Bibliography: Krishna by Epified TV (India) in 2015

Author's Note: This week for my readings I watched the Indian TV series Epified: Krishna.  The video playlists went over Krishna's life and adventures.  Though I had done some research on Krishna before, I learned many more details about this avatar of Vishnu.  In one of the stories, a character named Akrura delivers a message to Krishna from Kamsa inviting him to Mathura.  Akrura confided in Krishna that it was a trap--Kamsa sought to kill Krishna.  Krishna, taking this into account, still decides to travel to Mathura and confront his destiny.  I liked this idea of a hero approaching a deadly situation intentionally, confident in themselves and their abilities.  I decided to write about this story…

Week 12 Reading Notes: Epified Krishna Part B

Part B of this Epified series made me learn even more about the details of Krishna's life.  I never knew Brahma had an interest in Krishna--the series talks about a day where Krishna is out eating with his cowherd friends.  Brahma decides to watch this interaction.  He sees Krishna sharing his food with his friends off of his own plate--this makes Brahma question the divinity of Krishna.  Brahma wondered why Krishna would ever share food off of his own plate with mortals.  In order to test Krishna, Brahma takes away all of the cows and the cowherds.  Krishna, not being able to find them but eventually understanding that Brahma was at work here, decides to make new cows and cowherds from himself.  They go back to the village and no one even realizes that these people weren't Krishna's original friends.  Brahma returns sometime later and was confused as to why no one in the village was missing out on their sons and companions.  After finding Krishna's copies, Brahma…

Week 12 Reading: Epified Krishna Part A

Watching this playlist, I learned things that I realized I missed out on in my previous readings about Krishna.  For instance, in the very first episode about Krishna it mentions that Arjuna and Krishna were born at the same time.  I never knew these two heroes were the same age! I always thought Krishna was older and more experienced than the Pandavas, as he always seemed to be guiding them or assisting them.  I also missed out on the idea that King Kansa was Krishna's uncle! Not that killing babies wasn't bad enough, but it made me realize that King Kansa was killing his nephews and nieces prior to the arrival of Krishna. What a jerk! I also feel like it would be a weird predicament if Devaki continued to have children while her brother was killing them...she didn't NEED to have eight children! I also didn't recall that the child before Krishna, the seventh one, was transported to a new mother's womb.  I figured before now that they all had suffered the same…

Week 11 Story: the child of prophecy

This story is now on my portfolio website here!

  King Harold was distraught.  He had just received the news from his trusted advisers and his sorcerers that a prophecy was made that a child born on this day would grow up to become powerful, and ultimately cause the downfall of his kingdom.  King Harold was a authoritarian leader--he was very keen on maintaining his hold on the kingdom for the rest of his life.  He was not about to let a baby get in the way of what he had built up these last twenty years.  It was not a hard decision for King Harold to order his top associates to take out this prophecy child.  After many years of corruption and back alley dealings, Harold had accumulated some of the most dangerous associates known to the world.  Many of his associates were not of the human kind--they were demons who sought the power and resources that Harold could provide.  On his orders, the demons would do anything.  So, when King Harold told his most trusted demon Panera to go to t…

Week 11 Reading Notes: Shri Krishna of Dwarka Part B

I really enjoyed the story about the Syamantaka jewel.  It was neat to see a treasure like that passed around, either cursing or blessing whoever owns it.  It reminded me of Harry Potter--how everyone coveted the elder wand, and whomever had it was generally killed before too long.  This is one of the first and maybe only stories that I can remember where people were suspicious of Krishna and he was suspected of being a murderer.  It would be interesting to write a version of this story where Krishna did kill Satrajit.  I wonder how that story could have played out? It's really just pretty hard to see Krishna in a negative light, though.  One of my favorite stories from this part of the reading was Naraka and Bana.  I always love getting to see heroes fight, and Krishna is the best of the best.  A favorite scene of mine is where Krishna dries up the moat of Muru with his fiery discus, revealing that Muru was under the water.  Krishna is able to take care of the five headed beast w…

Week 11 Reading Notes: Shri Krishna of Dwarka Part A

The story of Krishna's youth made me think about some stories from the bible that I remember.  King Kansa reminded me of the king who tried to kill all of the Hebrew baby boys in the story of Moses.  He also reminded me of King Herod when he attempted to kill the baby boys after finding out a new king was born.  When I was researching on what topic I wanted to write about for my topic, I remember doing some research on Krishna.  I found the story about Krishna sucking the life out of the demon Putana's breast, so it was really neat to hear that story again though this time with some context.  I like the idea of King Kansa as a villain--it would be interesting to write a story about a king that feels threatened enough to kill babies.  This particular story, using King Kansa, Putana and Krishna,  is one that I feel I could put a twist on and write about.  It must have been super intimidating for King Kansa to receive the news that his demoness had died while breast-feeding a bab…

Microfiction: Flying Turtles

The chatty Mr. Turtle flew on a stick between two birds.  His inability to keep his mouth shut would be his downfall.  
The turtle talked, fell, and perished. 

Author's Note: The original story I drew inspiration from is called The Turtle Who Couldn't Stop Talking. In this story, a turtle befriends two wild geese.  The geese offer to take the turtle with them to their home, however it would be a long journey and in order to accompany the geese the turtle would have to bite a stick that the geese were holding the whole way.  The turtle agrees, and bites the stick to fly with the geese.  In the middle of the journey, the turtle tries to talk to a group of village children and then falls to his demise.  I liked the blunt nature of this story.  I tried a story lab this week, and I wanted to write a version of this story that was much shorter.  I decided to write a two-sentence micro-fiction.  I enjoyed being able to condense a Jataka tales into such a few sentences.  I liked that …