Week 6 Story: Bruce and Helga

Bruce was watching over his four brothers and mother as they rested in the forest, when a beautiful woman appeared.  As she finished telling Bruce that they needed to get out of this part of forest as soon as possible, for there was a powerful demon with a thirst for human flesh residing nearby Bruce let out an echoing laugh. "Any demon in this forest can come get a piece, if they dare!" Bruce boomed through the forest.  His voice was nearly as large as his physique.  Bruce stood over 7 feet tall--he was a freak of nature.  His muscles had muscles and his strength was unparalleled among humans.  Demons, on the other hand, were a different beast entirely.  They would eat humans for breakfast, even powerful ones.  Bruce was no ordinary warrior though.
Helga, a hideous she-demon who ran this part of the forest became enraged after hearing Bruce's challenge.  She flew to where the scent of humans was the strongest, and then charged the clearing where Bruce was standing …

Reading Notes: PDE of the Mahabharata Part B

One of my favorite scenes from this section of the Mahabharata was the fight between Bhima and Hidimba.  I think this would be a fun scene to recreate in a story.  I liked how Hidimba was powerful enough to put up a good fight with Bhima for awhile.  If I remember correctly they were thundering through the forest as they wrestled each other.  It seemed like Bhima wasn't completely trying however, that is until he remembered that Hidimba would become more powerful at day-break.  At that point in the fight, Bhima decided he was done messing around and straight up broke Hidimba's back over his knee! That was a disgusting move to pull out--it reminded me of the Batman versus Bane fight from the Dark Knight Rises.  It seems like that knee to the back-break move would become Bhima's trademark move.  We see him use that on a couple of other powerful villains as the story progresses, including Baka the evil chieftain.  I noticed throughout this section of the story that there…

Reading Notes: PDE Mahabharata Part A

After reading through the Ramayana, I realized my favorite kinds of stories were ones that included epic heroes and epic battles.  So I as I began reading the Mahabharata, I looked out for characters and stories that I could rewrite with awesome battles.  One of the first characters that stood out to me was Bhishma.  I liked the comparison given about this being more Game of Thrones while the Ramayana was The Lord of the Rings; Bhishma stood out to me as a character like Varys or Little Finger--never really on the throne but pulling strings behind the scenes for his own agenda.  It was really cool to see him win over the three princesses with his archery ability, though.  After that, I don't recall any fighting scenes with him, at least in part A.  Obviously the Pandavas stood out as cool warriors to write about.  I think it's Duryodhana's bitterness, but the Pandavas seem much more likable to me compared to the Kauravas.  They just kind of come off more as the protagonist…

Week 5 Story: Hanuman is Flexing

At last, Hanuman and his party had discovered where Sita was taken.  Well, they at least knew what the vulture had told them--Lanka.  Though they had no proof themselves, this was their only lead and it was at least worth a shot.  The only problem?  Lanka was many, many miles across the vast ocean.  That is, this would be a problem if not for Hanuman.  While the rest of his monkey brethren were good warriors, they were limited by the laws of physics.  Hanuman, on the other hand, had been blessed with magical powers from a very young age.  The distance across the ocean to Lanka would be trivial for Hanuman; he had once jumped across all of Asia in a single leap.  Without even taking a running start, Hanuman launched himself over the waters.  As he soared through the air going thousands of miles an hour, he noticed the water beneath him starting to get rougher.  Hanuman smiled to himself--he was going to have a little fun.
     All of the sudden, a hundred water demons popped out …

Reading Notes: The Divine Archer

In this version of version of the Ramayana, Hanuman again stuck out as one of the most interesting characters and also my favorite!  I noticed some subtle differences in this version of the story, but I noticed some bigger differences when reading about Hanuman.  For instance, in this version it never mentioned the source of Hanuman's powers.  In the last one it mentioned that Hanuman was the son of wind god.  In this one it basically straight up said that Hanuman had magical powers, and thus could jump the 30 miles across the ocean to Lanka.  Besides from his jumping abilities, we see different magic that Hanuman is capable of.  For instance he's able to shrink himself to a minuscule size, and does this when interacting with the sea serpent.   I think he is a really awesome character, and vital in Rama's success in his siege on Lanka.  Another character which stuck out to me more in this version was Jatayu's brother the vulture.  It made me think about the mass a…

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The Aspen-Snowmass mountain range, capped with snow. Source: Commons

Biography: The Jump

My grandpa, brother and I flew to the Denver airport before renting a car and driving a couple hours through the mountains towards Aspen, Colorado.  We were traveling there to visit my sister and her fiance, who worked lived around the Aspen area.  The road to Aspen was winding, with many ups and downs and curls around the gorgeous, snow-capped mountains.  I remember eating a little too much beef jerky; by the time we were getting close to my sister's house I was feeling quite car sick.  Right as we pulled up, I hurled all over the rental car...oops.  Little did I know that this would not be the defining moment of this trip--this would only be the beginning of a rough 4th grade spring break.  I was super excited to snowboard with my siblings--my sister and her fiance were excellent snowboarders, though this trip would only be my second time on the slopes.  The day after we arrived and I tainted the rental car, we set out to go snowboarding on Snowmass mountain.  I remember we…